We grow people

Welcome to the Staff Development & Training Blog.

I hope this blog will find it’s way into your weekly workflow. I’ll do my best to keep it topped off with fresh and interesting tool tips, training opportunities, short lessons, and other ideas worth sharing. There is going to be an awful lot happening with our software this summer, and I’m operating under the assumption that that’s going to take all the time anyone might want to commit to scheduled  technology learning opportunities. So this blog will be the place where I pull together asynchronous learning opportunities. I’ll be using Delicious to collect articles, titles, tutorials, etc. on a variety of topics (let us know if you have something you want Beth or I to cover in this way). I’ll have a weekly lesson or guide to a piece of technology. And I’ll post announcements for outside training opportunities here as well. I’ll also be sending out a weekly email blast highlighting events for the week ahead (and that email will also appear here) and reminding folks what else is available in the blog.

Comments are open, and you can always drop us an email if you want to make a suggestion for a training topic, or have a specific question.

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2 Responses to We grow people

  1. Check out the Hack Library School blog and the Michael Stephens article in May 11, 2011 Library Journal on transparency. I found that interesting.

    http://goo.gl/gGIPI Hack Library School

    http://goo.gl/cOuuv Michael Stephens article

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