why a blog?

While I’ve heard some great feedback about the outreach I’ve begun around staff development, I’m sure some of you are just plain overwhelmed and cranky about getting more email (no matter how useful!)

That’s a big part of why I began this blog.

600+ people. Diverse skills and (degrees of) interests and learning styles. A summer packed with software upgrades and necessary trainings (hmm, is that enough fair warning?). An endless wishlist of support I want to provide. And a very healthy slate of training offerings and services already happening.

Flexibility was the answer.

A blog is just a writing platform. A public notebook. But, it’s a public notebook with some neat features.  Like LibGuides, it can pull in other information  sources  (see the listings from the training calendars on the right? Those are RSS feeds, pulled in to the blog. We’ll get to RSS feeds in a couple of weeks). And you can read it a number of ways. You can come right here to this website and read the posts. You can sign up to receive them via email (over there, on the right, at the bottom) if that works best for you. If you use an RSS reader, you can also have the blog feed right into your reader (also on the right, just above the email option. The orange thingy).

To digress for a moment, I also want to use this platform to model some helpful approaches to assessing and choosing technology. So, I had a problem in need of a solution: 600 people to reach with a vast amount of info. I could have picked Twitter, right? But not everyone uses Twitter. And Twitter keeps things short. In a blog, I can post a 140 character tool tip (and I will post short tool tips here), or I can post a lesson on why a blog is a flexible outreach tool. I could have just sent out emails. But I want you all to find the content useful, findable (blog posts are stable and permanent, unlike email), and not worry about your reactions to too much email. A blog provided me with all the flexibility and all of the needs raised so far.

Even better, I decided earlier this week I wanted to curate some materials to support training goals. I decided to use Delicious to do this (and we’ll get to Delicious in a week or so) because it has it’s own flexibilities, one of which is that I can pull it right here into this blog (also on the right, in the middle).

Finally, you can respond here. We can have discussions here. You can ask Beth or I about your technology questions, and get answers from us, or from your colleagues.

So, ask away! Do you have questions about blogs, how to use them, when to use, why to use them? Are there topics you really want to see covered here in the blog, or in a live in-person training?  Ask below, or email me, at either my address or at training

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