Introducing One Thing at a Time

For the last two years, Staff Training and Development has put on a staff training event based on the popular 23 Things model. Starting this year, we’ll be doing something a little bit different.


One Thing at a Time will be very similar to what we’ve done in the past, with a few key changes. The FIRST is that this is an ongoing opportunity. There is no limit or end to the topics we will explore. You can join in at any point, contribute as suits your schedule and needs, and you can follow along in a variety of ways. The SECOND major difference is that we will cover one topic each month, making it easier to fit learning into your schedule. One thing at a time is just easier to juggle!

So that’s what different. Here’s what’s the same. Everything is changing fast these days, and if we want to take advantage of the opportunities emerging technologies provide for our services, we have to try to stay on top of the changes. One Thing at a Time will introduce and teach an emerging technology or skill each month, and we as a group will explore how each tool might be useful to us in our work. At the beginning of each month a new topic will  be introduced here on this blog. It will be described, a tutorial for getting started with it will be provided, and some exercises for working with it will be included. Each month we ask that you reflect upon your use of the tool and contribute your thoughts in the comments or provide a link in the comments to wherever you are posting your reflections; these contributions allow us to learn from each other and grow our skills as a community.

In addition to the monthly post and digital conversation, I have scheduled a monthly hands-on walk in session (the schedule for these is posted at the end of this post). These sessions will be for any topic covered to date in the series (not just the topic of that particular month)

The first topic will be Blogs & Blogging, and will be posted here the first week of November. The December topic is RSS Feeds & Readers. January is Microblogging.  The Technology Training committee is sorting out what topics will follow these foundational tools. Let us know what topics you’d like to see covered.

If you tweet or post about One Thing at a Time, please use the hashtag #oneTaaT (we’ll cover hashtags when we get to microblogging, but essentially they are unique metadata for blogs and twitter that can searched and fed into things like blogs)

Scheduled Hands on sessions in Library 314:

Tues 11/8 3-4
Mon 12/12 2-3
Wed Jan 18 10-11
Tues Feb 14 2-3
Tues Mar 13 10-11
Wed April 11 2-3
Mon May 9 2-3
Tues June 12 2-3

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